Canape'    { V- vegetarian * S - Spicy * A - Alcohol * HM - Home Made}

Choose up to eight different Canape's from list below list

 Mini Salt Codfish Cakes

 Mini Selection of Cocktail Patties – {Lamb, beef, Vegetables, Saltfish, Chicken}

 Mini Ackee & Saltfish Quiches

 Mini pastry cups filled with Ackee & Saltfish

 Ackee & Saltfish Vol-Au-Vents;

 Salmon or Prawn canape – {using King Prawns *Blini base also Cream Cheese of various kind}

 Tomato * Cream Cheese with Belini;

 Honey roasted shredded Duck Meat – {mini pastry cup filled};

 Sweet Chilli Chicken Brest sliced on a stick;

 Honey glazed Chicken wings;

 Jerk Chicken wing;

 Jerk Chicken Brest sliced on a stick

 Spare Ribs;

 Curry Vegetable – {mini pastry cups filled} (V)

 Crudities Platter – {Celery * Sweet Peppers * Carrots* Cucumber * Baby Sweet Corn} (V)herb 

 Fried Ochroes; (V)

 Honey Roasted Vegetables (V)

 Callaloo canape – {mini pastry cups filled} (V)

 Halloumi Cheese Canape – {Blini based * Sundry Tomato} (V)

 Prawns on sticks - Garlic Slightly Peppered {Tiger or King Prawns}

 Pastry Platter – Mini Spring rolls* Prawn Parcels *Vegetable Samosas * Vegetable Parcels;

 Fresh Fruits Platter – Seasonal Fruits

 Dips – Avocado dip * Sweet Chilli Dip * Sour Cream & Chive Dip * Mango Chutney * Salsa

 Sandwich Platter – Assorted

 Cheese Platter with Crackers - Assorted

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A choice of up to two from the starter selections

 Caribbean Vegetable Soup – Homemade (Yam, Cho cho, Pumpkin also other Tubers & vegetables} {V}

 Mixed seasoned Seafood on a bed of mixed salad leaves – lime wedges to garnish {optional seafood}

 Sliced Smoked Salmon – {dipped in Mustard, Garlic, Dill & Vinegar seasoning – then grilled. {served on a bed of mixed salad leaves, lemon sliced to garnish}

 Haddock Goujons – Haddock filleted deep fried with herbs & Breadcrumbs {served with Tartar Sauce on a bed of Rocket Salad};

 Smoked Salmon & Tiger Prawns on Rocket Salad;

 Fan of Melon with Parma Ham;

 Ackee & Saltfish Pasta – serve with mixed herb salad (V)

 Ackee & Saltfish Quiche slice - serve with salad {V}

 Callaloo Quiche slices – serve with salad {V}

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 Whole Jerk Salmon

 Roast Lamb – marinated in Dream Maker’s secret Caribbean ingredients before roasting

 Jerk Chicken (S)

 Chicken portion in Jerk BBQ Sauce (S)

 Coated Fried Chicken

 Roast Chicken portions

 Curry Goat (S)

 Curry Chicken (S)

 Jerk Pork (S)

 Escoveitch Fish – {client’s choice of fish) (S)

 Steamed Fish Slices;

 Stuffed Baked Fish (S) – recommended fish Sea Bream * Red or Yellow Line Snapper.

 Callaloo Supreme (V)

 Grilled Lamb Chops – Marinated with authentic seasoning.

 Jerk Fish (S)

 Callaloo Lasagne (V)

 I-Tal Stew (V)

 Cheese & Spinach Quiche; (V)

 Vegetable Curry (V)

 Salmon Slices, lightly pan fried – Caribbean Style with Hollandaise sauce;

 Honey Glazed Ham – {Pineapple  & Honey Glazed}

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Side Dishes  (V-vegetarian)

For a Buffet a choice of up to five different dishes from the below list 

Stir fry Vegetable Noodles (V)

 Stir fry Vegetable (V)

 Savoury fried Rice – with Prawn optional

 Rice & Peas

 Plain White Rice

 Seasoned Pumpkin Rice

 Macaroni Cheese (V)

 Macaroni Cheese with Prawns & mixed veg;

 Roti Wraps

 Fried Plantain

 Three Sweet & Mash – Cream mashed Yam, Irish Potato & sweet potato * Moulded

 Fresh Herb Roast Potatoes

 Boiled Baby New Potatoes – tossed in Chive & melted Butter

 Curry Chick Peas & Potatoes (V)

 Festivals

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 Tossed Green Salad

 Coleslaw

 Potato Salad

 Couscous

 Tuna & Sweetcorn Pasta Salad

 Pasta Salad

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Desserts   (HM- Home Made)

A choice of up to three different desserts from the list below 

 Chocolate Gateaux

 Black Forest Gateaux;

 Vanilla Cheese Cake or (requested flavour)

 Water Melon – sculptured into Basket filled with seasonal fruits;

 Tropical Seasonal Fruit Salad - (HM)

 Pineapple Upside Pudding – (HM)

 Apple Pie – (HM)

 Apple Crumble – (HM)

 Served with either - * Custard * Ice Cream* Fresh Cream* Piped Double Cream * Strawberry Sauce*

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Caribbean Drink Selections ​(A - Alcohol)

Tropical Fruit Punch 

 Rum Punch (A)

 Guinness Punch (optional) (A)

 Sorrel & Ginger – (optional) (A)

 Carrot Juice

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Wedding Menu 1

Pre Reception Hors d’oeuvres

Assorted cocktail Patties

Saltfish Cakes

Vegetable Samosas (V)



West Indian Vegetable Soup – Bread Rolls



Chicken in BBQ Sauce

Vegetable Curry (V)

Pan-Fry Sea Bream fillet - Warm Cherry Tomatoes & Herb, served with Three Sweet & Mash  – {Sweet potato, Irish Potato & soft Yam}


Side Dishes

Rice & Peas

Plain White Rice

Macaroni & Cheese

Green String Beans & Carrots



Vanilla Cheese Cake

Fruit Salad (Home Made)

From: £20.50pp

Wedding Menu 2


Fan of Melon with Parma Ham & Rocket salad

Ackee & Saltfish Pasta – Mixed Herb Salad



Roast Lamb

Jerk Chicken portion

Callaloo Supreme – Fried Plantain (V)


Side Dishes

Savoury Rice (V)

Boiled baby Potatoes – Tossed in Chopped Chive & Melted Butter

Carrots & Asparagus



Chocolate Gateaux

Apple Pie or Apple Crumble – served with Custard or Ice Cream

From: £25.00pp

Wedding Menu 3


Slightly Peppered & Garlic King Prawn * Mixed Herb Salad

Ackee & Saltfish Quiche Slice * Mixed Herb Salad



Roast Lamb Chops

Roast Stuffed Chicken Breast


Side Dishes

Roast Potatoes

Roast Mixed vegetable – (Turnips *carrots * Red Onions* Potatoes * Rosemarie)



Pineapple Upside down Pudding

Seasonal Fruit Salad

From: £26.50pp

Canape's Package - minimum of 40 guests

Choose up to 6 different items from the Canapes section.  Any additional with be worked out and charged as per head.

Price From £15.50pp

Wedding / Party Buffet Menu 

Choose up to four items from Canape' selection


Two from the Starter Selection (optional)


Four from Entree selection


Up to Three from Dessert selection


one from Drinks selection

From £17.50pp

Funeral Buffet Menu

Soup of your choice - Sliced West Indian Bread

Tea & Herbal Tea



Choose up to four items from Entree Selection Two Meat * One Fish * Vegetarian


Choose up to four from Side Dish Selection


Three from Salad list


Up to two from Desserts selection


One from Drinks Selection

From £16.00pp